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He Is Here!!!!!!!!! [Sep. 3rd, 2007|12:43 pm]
[mood |indescribable]

Ok it finnaly happened I am no longer pregnant

Jonah Markus Luciano came into the world at 5:32am on August 29 weighting 6 lbs 14 oz 20 in long, and he looks excally like his daddy.

Ok time to show off. I hope you can see these


These were all taken the day he was born
And yes I know that I look like shit so just inore me and look at my handsome man.

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IT'S A Boy!!! [Apr. 27th, 2007|12:02 pm]
[Current Location |Home]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Yep a boy Joe and I are haveing a boy in August even though it looks like I could have him any day now. My family is very happy about getting a boy. I am just happy that he is healthy and I am kinda glad we found out. Well I am to tired to make to long of an update so I am just gonna call that good for now.

Bye Bye...
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Okay [Apr. 14th, 2007|10:24 am]
I left it up to Joe to decide weather or not we are going to find out what the sex of the baby is and he finally decided that we well find out. So I well know what the baby is at the end of the month with luck.

Things are going pretty good I guess I am now 5 months pregnant half way through whoo-hoo

Well Have fun...
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GOOD NEWS!!! GOOD NEWS!!! [Jan. 23rd, 2007|08:50 am]
[Current Location |Mommies]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |You raise me up]

I have really good news. Well first Joe and I just bought our first house in Broomfield and it is awesome it over looks a golf course it is really cool. My job is going great I was promoted to lead care manager of my shift awhile back. and now here comes the best news of all that we found out yesterday. I am PREGNANT!!!! It looks like I am two months along and should be due some time in August. I can't believe it. Joe and I are both very excited about it and can't wait. And very soon we will have a computer and I will be able to get on here any time I want We should have it sometime with in the next month. Well I better go my mom is waiting for me we are going to watch a movie.

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Here [Jun. 30th, 2006|11:01 am]
Leave your name and:
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll challenge you to try something.
3. I'll pick a color that I associate with you.
4. I'll tell you something I like about you.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest/funniest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours.
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Hmmmmmmmmm Ok [Nov. 2nd, 2004|11:52 am]

You are an Extrovert!

What is your mental profile?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Lot a news [Aug. 23rd, 2004|09:08 am]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |Who Am I]

Hey everyone. I haven't updated in a long time to here is a lot of news. So button up your sport jackets and hold on to your boxer shorts.

Joe and I put a down payment on an apartment a couple of weeks ago and we found out yesterday that we should find out sometime this week weather or not we are approved and if we are we well be moving out on sept 6 or 7.

The Youth pastor at my church (Curtis) and his wife (Kristi) had a baby friday (8-20-04) An 8 lbs 1 oz little boy named Tyler Wesley Schwisow. This little boy has everything but an easy to speak last name.

Joe and I both got baptized last weekend at the churches pool party on the 15. It was great I am so happy now and it was awesome that we got to get baptized together. 11 people in total got baptized last week and they show the video in church yesterday.

I have a new job at the Wal-Mart in Brighton making a $1.75 more then I am at Safeway. And I am guaranteed at least 25 hours a week so I don't have to worry about only getting 13 hours a week. Like I have been at Safeway for the past 7 weeks in a row. My Last day there is gonna be Sept 3. With any luck it will be earlier then that.

Joe's Boss at District 50 talked to him a couple of weeks ago about what a permanent job there would entitle so we are hope and prying that he gets the job there.

Now last but not least here is an update on my friends Daniel and Minette (and of course their daughter Rachel) Daniel is currently in Florida right now working as a claim adjuster helping the people who were affected by hurricane Charlie. And with the money that he is making from this they will be able to put a down payment on a house. Witch they need because they are currently living with her Ex Step Father and his Junkie Nephew. So that is great. And Minette works for a Morgage Broker and her boss called her in to his office last week and told her that when Daniel gets back that they will train him for a Full time job there with benefits. So she can stay home with Rachel who is 1 year old. Her Last day was on friday.

Ok well you should all be very happy for this is all I am gonna tell you now. Even though there is a lot more to tell. I am gonna be nice and leave now.

God Bless...
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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2004|09:32 am]
Welcome to my Journal. It is a friends only journal, and you can only read my new entries if you are on my friends list. So if you want to be just put me on yours and I will check you out and see if you are worthy enough to be on it. In the mean time you are welcome to look at some of my past quizes and other random shit.

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Fill out for me and I will fill out for you [Dec. 9th, 2003|06:07 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Jameria was a bullfrog]

1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
2. Am I lovable?
3. How long have you known me?
4. When and how did we first meet?
5. What was your first impression?
6. Do you still think that way about me now?
7. What do you think my weakness is?
8. Do you think I'll get married?
9. What makes me happy?
10. What makes me sad?
11. What reminds you of me?
12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
13. How well do you know me?
14. When's the last time you saw me?
15. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
16. Do you think I could kill someone?
17. Describe me in one word.
18. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/staying the same?
19. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
20. Are you going to put this on your livejournal and see what I say about you?
21. What is the thing that pisses me off the fastest?
22. What do you think are my strengths?
23. What is/are the most important (non-person) thing/s in my life?
24. What fear do I hold inside that I don't talk about?
25. What do I think the purpose of life is?
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Layers [Dec. 8th, 2003|08:54 am]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |In between the lions/theme song]

-- Name: The world may never know
-- Birth date: Oct. 7, 1983
-- Current Location: Brighton, Colorado
-- Eye Color:Hazel
-- Hair Color:blonde
-- Height: 5'0"
-- Righty or Lefty: leftyy
-- Zodiac Sign: Libra

-- The shoes you wore today: the ones I always wear
-- Your fears: being beaten by watermelon
-- Your perfect pizza: peperoni
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: good question

-- Your most overused phrase: Doesnt that sound like fun
-- Your thoughts first waking up: Grrrrrrrrrggggg
-- Your best physical feature: my eyes or so I am told
-- Your bedtime: when ever I pass out
-- Your most missed memory: christmas chior concert two years ago

-- Pepsi or Coke: pepsi
-- McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King
-- Single or group date: single
-- Adidas or Nike: nike
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: lipton
-- Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
-- Cappuccino or coffe: coffee

-- Swear: yep
-- Sing: all of the time
-- Take a shower: yep sure do
-- Have a crush: no not really
-- Want to go to college/university: yep
-- Like(d) high school: only the people not the classes
-- Want to get married: yes
-- Believe in yourself: sometimes
-- Get motion sickness: no
-- Think you're attractive: no
-- Think you're a health freak: me a health freak thats funny hahahahahaha NO!!!!!!!!
-- Get along with your parent(s): Hell no
-- Like thunderstorms: love them
-- Play an instrument: yes

In the past month...
-- Drank alcohol: yes
-- Done a drug: yep
-- Had Sex: not this month
-- Made Out: not this month
-- Gone on a date: not this month
-- Gone to the mall?: yep
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: cheese nips
-- Eaten sushi: not this month
-- Been on stage: yep
-- Been dumped: no
-- Dumped someone: nope
-- Gone skating: no
-- Made homemade cookies: yep
-- Gone skinny dipping: no
-- Dyed your hair: no
-- Stolen anything: nope

-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: yes
-- If so, was it mixed company: yes
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: I dont know can't remeber
-- Been called a tease: I dont know
-- Gotten beaten up: no
-- Shoplifted: no
-- Changed who you were to fit in: nope

-- Age you hope to be married: 25
-- Numbers and Names of Children: Jordan-3
-- How do you want to die: by old age
-- Where you want to go to college: any place that will take me
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: me

In a boy/girl....
-- Best eye color?: dont care
-- Best hair color?: brown or black
-- Short or long hair: long
-- Height: between 5'2 and 5'7
-- First date location: a place were we can talk
-- First kiss location: on the lips (sorry I felt like being a smart ass)

-- # of drugs taken illegally: to many to count
-- # of people I could trust with my life: only a select few
-- # of CDs that I own: not that many
-- # of piercings: 9
-- # of tattoos: will have one soon
-- # of scars on my body: once again to many to count
-- # of things in my past that I regret: way to many to count
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